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My Ongoing Contact Management Challenges

If you’re like me, you’ve got friends all over the electronic landscape: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, you name it. Which means all of those are potentially also “contacts.” And, of course, you’ve got your real contacts — those people that … Continue reading

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dbPoweramp Comes to the Mac!

As some of you know, I recently switched from a PC laptop (Toshiba) to a MacBook Pro. I love the machine, I’m getting used to the differences, and eventually I’ll know the ins and outs on this box as well as I did on the Windows side.

One of the challenges, though, of switching platforms is replacing software. Some things are easy (Office to Office is fairly straightforward), some things are harder (Quicken Mac is a shell of Quicken Windows).

Then there are those special pieces of software that you just come to rely on, and that you miss on the new platform. One of those for me was dbPoweramp. It’s a multi-faceted audio tool, but my main use for it was ripping an entire CD and adding it to my music collection. Imagine my happiness, then, to find out that dbPoweramp Converter is doing an open beta for the Mac!

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Saturday Geek: eM Client — an Outlook alternative

For a long time, I have been frustrated with Outlook’s lack of a unified inbox. There are workarounds, including automating a custom search (really, MS? I have to write a macro for this?), but even Outlook 2013 still is missing this basic feature.

Now, however, with all the various online sites I support, having to open each inbox separately (and remember to check them all) had just gotten to be too much. So, I went looking for an alternative.

Most people recommended Thunderbird by Mozilla (the same good people who bring you Firefox), but in the middle of one thread someone touted eM Client. Since I’d never heard of it, I decided to check it out — and I’m glad I did.

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Apple Releases iBrick 3.1

In a move apparently calculated to draw attention from the Palm Pre, Apple recently released an upgrade to their iPhone software that turns the phone into a brick. The upgrade, also released under the alternative name “iPaperweight,” causes the phone to randomly become totally unresponsive and incapable of receiving or making calls without a complete reboot.

Okay, that’s faux-press-release snark — but the reality is anything but. Read on for the story that is anything but “insanely great.”

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This Is Amazing!

My older son Griffin just showed me a video made by a guy who recorded himself playing single notes on the drums, then on the piano, then took the whole thing and edited it in such a way that he … Continue reading

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