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4 to 6 Weeks — in Dog Years

This morning’s C-J reports that JCPS still hasn’t finished its investigation into Max Gilpin’s death — six months after law enforcement finished in November. According to Max’s parents, every time they ask to see the final report, they’re told it will be ready in another “four to six weeks.”

Apparently JCPS is using dog years, as their weeks continue to turn into months. If they hold out until August, it will be a full year.

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Saturday Morning Odds and Ends — and a bit of Frustration

A few notes before leaving to see my mom for a few days —
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For most of my life, I have been seen as an extrovert, by myself and by others. A big “E” on the Myers-Briggs. A Sanguine on the personality types. Comfortable on stage, anxious to be in front, wanting to lead, with a strong need for attention and, I hoped, approval. Loud, boisterous, story-telling, carried away, life of the party, annoying, raucous, fun, never met a stranger — I answer to all of them, and have, pretty much all my life.

But that’s changing.

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Panera Needs To Recycle Their Policy

Do you ever wonder what country, and what century, certain corporations are living in?

I eat at Panera fairly frequently. (Less now that I’m trying to cut back on bread. Duh.) I like their food, I like the classical music in the background, I like the atmosphere, and I like the free wifi.

Last week, I discovered what I didn’t like.

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Cheap, Cheesy Pre-Post Advertisement

This is not a real blog post — it’s a blog post announcing a coming blog post. In other words, an advertisement. (And I think I’m too honorable to use those cheesy Google ads everywhere. Hmm.) Anyway — I’m working … Continue reading

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