4 to 6 Weeks — in Dog Years

This morning’s C-J reports that JCPS still hasn’t finished its investigation into Max Gilpin’s death — six months after law enforcement finished in November. According to Max’s parents, every time they ask to see the final report, they’re told it will be ready in another “four to six weeks.”

Apparently JCPS is using dog years, as their weeks continue to turn into months. If they hold out until August, it will be a full year.

If I were Sheldon Berman (and I’m increasingly glad I’m not, for a number of reasons), this would have been right at the top of my DayTimer, every damn day till it was finished. There is simply no excuse for this — none.

There may be a good reason, though: pushing it out till the criminal trial is over. But wait, that would be just cruel, right? Holding out on parents who have lost their only son in order to cover the school system’s ass? That can’t be it, right?

Mark your calendar: August 20th. That will be the one-year mark. Let’s see if JCPS has the report out by then, and if it is “a good job, a thorough job” as Berman insists they are doing. And as to the amount of time they’re taking? Let’s just remember this:

It took less time to investigate the Challenger shuttle disaster, and release the final report, than JCPS is taking to investigate Max Gilpin’s death.

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