A Little TARC Blogging (Now with Carbon Reduction!)

I’m doing something new — letting the newly-minted 16-year-old driver try his solo wings to and from school, while I ride the bus. Today is the first time, and so far I like it. Most days I drive him to school, go by Highland Coffee and read the paper, then do a little email and dailyKos before going on in to work. Today I read the paper and drank my coffee while riding in, then went into the lobby of the LG&E building and used their free WiFi hot spot to do some morning blogging. I missed Highland Coffee, of course, but on balance this may actually be a boost to my productivity. Not to mention a reduction — or at least not an increase — in global warming. The car is still going to town, but at least its not TWO cars.

One of the small things we each can do to aid in the fight against global warming is to go to Carbon Planet and sign up for Carbon Credits. First you use the calculator on the site to figure out your CO2 impact on the environment. Then, you “buy” credits to offset that impact. The money goes to things like R&D on alternative fuels, and conservation campaigns.

Yes, it is something of a conscience salve, and yes, it’s an easy way out of dealing with the tough choices we are all going to have to make over the next decade. I know it, and I don’t care; it’s a small step in the right direction, and small steps are better than no steps. Not to mention the seed it plants in the brain, that may eventually grow into a Prius, or even a bike.

So, take a TARC once in a while, buy some carbon credits, and start making those small changes. They all add up.

And if you’re on the 49 or the 55 and you see me typing on my beat-up laptop, say Hi. It’ll help me keep my mind off the 16-year-old driving my car.

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