Back on Schedule

So, here I was, exercising regularly, losing weight, getting that blood pressure under control. And writing regularly, both in morning pages and on here.

And then the holidays hit, and an intense period of music-making at church*, and Christmas, and time off. Then the laptop died right before Christmas, so I had to get a new one, and get it set up. And then the first-of-the-year panic at work, and 2011 planning, and lots of new initiatives, and annual reviews, and …

Well, you get the idea. December was three weeks of panic, followed by a week of vacation and setting up a new laptop. January has been sorta back to panic.

Today, finally, I’m getting back on schedule. Went to the gym again, got back on the food plan, and getting back into my GTD system. So, look for some new stuff coming soon.

And if, after all this time away, you’re still checking in to see if I’ve posted: bless you, dear reader, for your loyalty. I’ll try to reward it with something worth reading.

*Who in the world decided to put the banquet on the same weekend as the Lessons and Carols, since orchestra and choir were doing both? Oh yeah — me.

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