Acreage Available in Downtown Louisville!

One of my favorite blogs is Broken Sidewalk. It’s a calm-yet-provocative look at The Ville, development, and what’s happening around town. (Or NOT happening, as the case may be.)

The latest post reveals some amazing news: there is a large tract of undeveloped acreage right in downtown Louisville! What’s more, it’s only a few blocks from 21-C, Slugger Museum, and Glassworks! Make the jump to learn more …

Iran Pictures … and some Green Avatars

Quick note — Amazing pics of Iran protests, both in Iran and around the world: If you want to reset your Twitter or Facebook avatar to support the Iranian protesters, go here:

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised — But It Will Be Twittered

Sorry to all for not getting the longer C-J article up. (It’s coming, I promise, and I think it will be worth the wait.) I had planned on working on it this weekend, but my schedule got completely blown away by two things: yardwork (much soreness) and following the events in Iran via Twitter (much amazement, fascination, and concern).

Some of you may remember the CNN coverage of the first Gulf war and how we all tuned in, both amazed and shocked at watching the opening of a war in real time. That’s something of how I felt over the weekend: while the traditional media were almost completely blocked and only able to tell what the Iranian government allowed, I was reading tweets like these in real time:

C-J Cuts Jobs, Gannett Execs Get Bonuses

(I’ve only got a few minutes before leaving for work, but I thought this needed to get up this morning. I’ll expand on it later tonight.)

Even while our local paper is hollowed out to a shell of its former self, and Gannett slashes jobs and freezes salaries across the country, Gannett execs are making the big bucks — including a one-million dollar salary for the CEO.

4 to 6 Weeks — in Dog Years

This morning’s C-J reports that JCPS still hasn’t finished its investigation into Max Gilpin’s death — six months after law enforcement finished in November. According to Max’s parents, every time they ask to see the final report, they’re told it will be ready in another “four to six weeks.”

Apparently JCPS is using dog years, as their weeks continue to turn into months. If they hold out until August, it will be a full year.