“Can You Hear Me Now?”

I recently bought a new iPad, and decided to break down and buy a data plan with it. I went with Verizon, since they would allow the iPad to be used as a wifi hot spot and AT&T wouldn’t. (If I recall correctly.)

Anyway, this has led to an interesting experiment — the opportunity to do real-time comparisons between AT&T coverage on my iPhone and Verizon coverage on my iPad.

I’ve been disappointed in AT&T’s coverage for some time. Even in The Ville, it can be sometimes be spotty. So last week, when a web page took forever to load on my phone, I opened up the iPad and navigated to the same page on its browser.

The iPad loaded right up, before the phone’s browser had even started to show the page.

“A fluke,” I thought. Still, it piqued my interest.

So, as I’ve been traveling on vacay this past week, I’ve tried them both occasionally. And every time, the iPad with Verizon service wins, hands down.

Is this some sort of conclusive test? Of course not. Perhaps AT&T is throttling my service. Or perhaps my phone is slow to process what it receives. Or perhaps I just happen to be hitting the gaps in AT&T’s service, and a different location would change the results.

But you know what? It’s about to be conclusive for ME. When I change phones, I may try moving to Verizon, and just see how it is.

It certainly couldn’t be any worse than what I seem to get from AT&T.

1 thought on ““Can You Hear Me Now?””

  1. We've been with Verizon ever since we left Nextel, which got swallowed up by Sprint. Sprint destroyed Nextel's great coverage in our area. It got to the point that I would be sitting, facing a cell tower, talking to a Sprint techie, and the call would drop. So we switched to Verizon. And we've never looked back.

    Verizon is the only service around here that has full coverage. Of course, when you get into the mountains, it's a little tricky. You have to be in clear shot of the lower surrounding areas (where the cell towers are). But no other service has complete coverage in the outlying areas of the county, such as where our son's horseback riding lessons are held.

    I hope you can find the best service in your area. And even when you switch, don't be afraid to complain when it doesn't work. A lot of times, the techies don't realize their towers are "tuned" the way they need to be.

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