I’m Back

After many months away from all my sites, after many months of combining work with campaigning, after many months of doing no writing except for campaign blurbs and publicity pieces, I am very pleased and excited to share this important news:

I’m back.

Back on Schedule

So, here I was, exercising regularly, losing weight, getting that blood pressure under control. And writing regularly, both in morning pages and on here. And then the holidays hit, and an intense period of music-making at church*, and Christmas, and time off. Then the laptop died right before Christmas, so I had to get a …

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Site Traffic Sometimes a Puzzle

Squarespace, the hosting/CMS behind this site, has good traffic tracking tools, including tracking the source of visitors to the site. Most traffic comes from Facebook, Twitter, and certain common searches. Occasionally, though, the sources of traffic cause me to scratch my head.

Yesterday I had a traffic bump. Why? I wrote a couple of stories, but nothing mentioned anywhere else. When I look at the sources, though, I got some hits from jamespot.com and extrabot.com. Who?

Cheap, Cheesy Pre-Post Advertisement

This is not a real blog post — it’s a blog post announcing a coming blog post. In other words, an advertisement. (And I think I’m too honorable to use those cheesy Google ads everywhere. Hmm.) Anyway — I’m working on a post on some new geek tools I’ve discovered, including TweetDeck, a number of …

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Meta Question: Would You Like Icons?

As you may have noticed, I occasionally throw in the school icon if the blog post is about sports. So, if the story is about Tennessee, you get the UT logo in the upper left corner of the story. I’ve been thinking about doing this for ALL the blog posts. That way, you could scan …

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Readers and Comments

It’s interesting — since I moved to Squarespace, I know there are people reading this blog, because I can check the stats each day through SS itself. It’s not a lot of people, but it’s steady. What I don’t understand is the lack of comments. Either people are just skimming and moving on, or my …

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A Single Blog?

I’m debating with myself about changing the format of the site, and moving to a single blog. Keep the writing pages (but make them easier to use, perhaps), but only have one blog and just use tags and such. More confusing for readers, perhaps, but a single place to scan each day.
Anyway, this is a test entry to see what I think about that.

Not Happy with the Site Layout

This is more of a conversation with myself than anything. But, I’m doing it as a blog entry so if any of you readers out there (all three of you) want to make a comment or suggestion, you can do so through the comment section. I redesigned the site about six months ago to have …

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