I’m a Tennessee Fan — Where’s My Paper Bag?

During the Alabama-Tennessee game last night, ESPN’s cameras found two UT fans with paper bags on their heads. Sports editor John Adams, writing in this morning’s Knoxville News-Sentinel, offers some guesses as to the identity of the two bag-heads:

Influential boosters who have seen enough of the Phillip Fulmer Era atUT; members of the UT defense who had seen enough of the UT offense; ora couple of guys who couldn’t wait for Halloween.

You want to know how bad things have gotten on The Hill? How about this graf provided by Mr. Adams?

Cats Must Have Thought They Were Fishing

What does fishing have to do with football, you ask? Other than Hunter Cantwell’s noodling, you probably don’t see the connection. Well, let me enlighten you — the Cats must have thought they were fishing, because all they have to show for the past two weekends are the two that got away.

At Tennessee, the “F” in Football Stands for “Fail”

My son and his friends introduced me to the use of “fail” as a noun, as in “That was a giant Fail right there.” After today’s debacle in Athens, the image that comes to mind is an orange-and-white UT with a big red FAIL stamped over it.

Orange Pulp

For about two years, there has been an ongoing argument at the Go Vols web site about whether or not the Tennessee football program is in decline. After last Saturday’s victory over Northern Illinois (NORTHERN ILLINOIS!?!), the tone of that conversation has shifted. As one commenter noted, almost no one still defends the “no slippage” … Read more

Uh-Oh — It’s Time for Cardinal Football

“It’s football time in … The Ville?” (With apologies to John Ward of Volunteer fame) As much as I fear the outcome, it’s time to start blogging about football … and that means it’s time to blog about U of L football. This fall, that looks like a cause for fear, hesitation, and trepidation, if … Read more

Beat the Tigers! Then … Beat Them Again!

This coming Saturday, the team from K-ville has a chance to make history. They have a chance to win a 1-v-2 game for the first time in their history.
You’re probably thinking, What? The Lady Vols play 1-versus-2 games all the time — and they’re usually the 1. And you’d be right, except … we’re not talking about the Lady Vols.

Opposite Time in The Ville

Does anyone else feel like we’re living in a succession of Opposite Days here in The Ville, Greatest College Sports Town in America? Let’s take a look at all of them, beginning with Brian Brohm’s non-jump to the NFL.Just a few years ago (circa John L days), if a Cardinal team had gone 12-1 and … Read more

OMG, What A Game!!

I have just watched what may be the best college football game of all time. I am sitting here completely slack-jawed, having just watched Boise State (BOISE STATE!!) beat Oklahoma in overtime. For those of you who didn’t see any reason to stay up to watch the Boise State dream season die when it meets … Read more

Cliches Become Truth

One of my interests is sports — but only certain sports. College football, college basketball, pro football; that’s about it. As for team, that’s easy: Tennessee Tech (alma mater), Tennessee (grew up there), Louisville (live here), Kentucky (live here too). I follow Indiana to some extent, just because it’s close by. So, today was pretty … Read more