Irony Is Lost on Some People

I wrote a big, long introduction to this, trying to find some way to explain it — but I just can’t explain it. Perhaps their good intentions can be their excuse.

Life As Gift, Live As Gift

Sometimes, when you least expect it, grace breaks in. Sunday night was the Four Churches concert that our church participates in each fall. Having finished my small handbell contribution (we accompanied the first hymn), I sat down to enjoy the rest of the concert. As I looked around the beautiful sanctuary of Church of the … Read more

The Incarnation — A Fake-Out?

We’re working through Brian McClaren’s book Everything Must Change at church on Sunday nights, and it’s been a good study of a challenging book. (There are still some weeks to go — come join us.) Today’s section contained a point that really helped crystalize a thought for me, and challenged me as well. Here’s the gist of it.

I’m Getting Tired of … Religion

You know, I’m really getting tired of religion.
I don’t mean spirituality, necessarily, and I certainly don’t mean the practice of Christlikeness. But I surely do mean the earthly-focused, useless, institutional, powerless, unexamined fabric of delusions and rituals that pass for Christianity in many churches and places.

A Few Quick Links for Christians

It’s almost Sunday, and time for a few links for fellow Christians to check out… Faithful Progressive, a new (to me) blog that looks promising Christian Alliance for Progress, a new site (and organization?) subtitled “The Movement to Reclaim Christianity and Transform American Politics.” I’m still checking them out, so haven’t signed on yet, but … Read more

Ethics versus Morals

As we prepare for the inauguration and reflect on recent and current events, we may find benefit in the comparison of ethics versus morals. Morals, according to the dictionary, is “concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action.” And when it comes to judgment, the current crop of Bushites certainly excel, … Read more