Cliches Become Truth

One of my interests is sports — but only certain sports. College football, college basketball, pro football; that’s about it. As for team, that’s easy: Tennessee Tech (alma mater), Tennessee (grew up there), Louisville (live here), Kentucky (live here too). I follow Indiana to some extent, just because it’s close by.

So, today was pretty good. Louisville beat Cinci by 3 after being pummeled in the first half. It was a great game, and a great win. Indiana beat Purdue in double overtime, and that was a great game too.

Why do I love sports? These two games are examples. The teams didn’t give up, even though they were in difficult settings and difficult situations. Saying the teams didn’t give up really translates into a lot of individuals not giving up. Francisco Garcia, Louisville’s leading scorer, was heavily guarded and not getting his shots, so what did he do? Keep working hard, make assists, get rebounds, and make his teammates better through his attitude and support. The Indiana team should have won at the end of regulation, then again at the end of the first OT, but when they didn’t, they just sucked it up and won it in the second OT.

Why do I love sports? Individual effort, team effort, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, discipline, unselfishness — all the cliches that actually come true on occasion. This weekend, Louisville and IU turned the cliches into truth, and it was a joy to watch.

Cliches Become Truth

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