Conway’s “Seeds” — A Good Ad … Except

Jack Conway’s campaign released two ads this week, both of which will start airing across the state, and both of which are viewable on the web site here.

I watched the “Seeds” ad, and overall it’s a good ad. Starts with his family’s seed business, and ends with his agency’s record of returning $3 to the state for every $1 spent. A solid, calm, competent ad. Except …

Right in the middle of it, he looks into the camera and outlines the bad things he fought against:

We cracked down on Medicaid fraud …
We took on the Wall Street banks …
(We) sued Obama …

So, the President, who is in YOUR party, is the equivalent of Medicaid fraud and out-of-control Wall Street banks?

Note that Jack doesn’t say “we sued the Federal Government” or even “we sued the EPA.” Nope, he goes right for the “I sued that Obammer feller.” He doesn’t even say PRESIDENT Obama; just uses the last name, like an epithet.

To me, it was a jarring moment in an otherwise well-done opening ad. For those of us who actually SUPPORT the President, it seemed unnecessary and mean-spirited. And, for all of us who watched Allison Grimes run hard to distance herself from the President and thereby deflate her base, it makes us wonder if the Conway campaign is about to repeat the same mistake.

There are many good things that the Conway campaign can be for. There are also many things they can stand against. If this President’s accomplishments can’t be on the first list, then at least don’t feel compelled to put him on the second.

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Conway’s “Seeds” — A Good Ad … Except

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