Credit to George W. Bush

Yep, you read that right. And it’s not snark.

I have lambasted, skewered, and generally been completely dismissive of pretty much everything associated with GWB since I first heard of him. But when someone says or does something worthwhile, they deserve the credit — so today, I say “Thank You!” to former president George W. Bush, and hope everyone in Washington pays attention to this article:

I am happily out of the political business. But I can offer some friendly advice to members of Congress, new and old. A thousand pressing issues come with each day. But there are only a few that you will want to talk about in retirement with your children. The continuing fight against global AIDS is something for which America will be remembered. And you will never regret the part you take.

Read the entire article. It is compassionate, on-point, and an excellent statement of why the US should continue to put money and effort into AIDS prevention and treatment. And on this World AIDS Day, that is a policy decision we can all agree on.