dbPoweramp Comes to the Mac!

As some of you know, I recently switched from a PC laptop (Toshiba) to a MacBook Pro. I love the machine, I’m getting used to the differences, and eventually I’ll know the ins and outs on this box as well as I did on the Windows side.

One of the challenges, though, of switching platforms is replacing software. Some things are easy (Office to Office is fairly straightforward), some things are harder (Quicken Mac is a shell of Quicken Windows).

Then there are those special pieces of software that you just come to rely on, and that you miss on the new platform. One of those for me was dbPoweramp. It’s a multi-faceted audio tool, but my main use for it was ripping an entire CD and adding it to my music collection. Imagine my happiness, then, to find out that dbPoweramp Converter is doing an open beta for the Mac!

Go grab the download file from here, install it, then open it. You’ll see a pretty basic opening screen:

dbPowerampOpenAs you can see, the software basically converts and moves audio files from one format and location to another. Simple, right? But oh, the features contained in those simple titles! Let’s take a look at the screen you get when you choose to rip a CD:

dbPowerampCDRipLooking at this screen, you can see the MANY excellent features included in this tool! Let me note the ones that I find most valuable:

  • It automatially loads the metadata for the CD by searching for the CD in a number of online databases, including freeDB, All Media Guide, MusicBrainz, and more.
  • It get the CRC for each track from other people who have ripped the track (more on this later).
  • It lets you edit the meta for both the entire CD and for each track before you rip and save the files.
  • It converts to a lot, and I mean a LOT, of different file formats: FLAC, MP3, AAC, and eight more.
  • It lets you name the files the way YOU want to name them. Like the disk and track number at the front? No problem. Want the artist’s name first? Easy. In fact, you can choose from 19 different pieces of metadata to build your folder path and track names.

Of course, all of this would be pretty useless if the tool didn’t create quality audio files. The great thing is, it does! In fact, not only can it rip brand-new CDs to a high level of quality; it can read worn and scratched CDs through a process of multi-reading and auto-correction, comparing the resulting CRC to the one it pulled earlier. I’ve had it successfully rip some old CDs and “bring the music back,” as it were.

dbPoweramp is my go-to tool for any sort of audio conversion or CD ripping. It is well-thought-out, well-built, well-maintained software. I loved it on my Windows PCs, and now I’m thrilled to have it for my Mac. Give it a try — you’ll be glad you did.