For All You Weather Addicts

I’ve long been a weather addict. When I was about 10 my parents got me a home weather station, and I predicted the weather to our family all that summer. Got pretty good at it, too … though predicting summer weather is pretty easy in Knoxville.

It’s winter weather in The Ville that is a real challenge, and John Belski does it as well as anyone. So, I was excited to stumble across his blog last year. It’s an excellent resource if you like knowing the behind-the-scenes info — he lays out the various models and explains his thinking on the forecast in clear, understandable prose. Plus, there are a number of regular commenters that keep things lively; some are amateur weather people like me, so they like to debate and discuss the possibilities. All in all a great site to visit. Make the jump for the URL and another couple of weather sites to know about.

Here’s the URL for JB’s blog: Check it out!

Another Couple of Great Weather Sites

One of my favorite sites is Weather Underground. It’s cram-packed with info, including one of the coolest weather radars I’ve ever seen: their Nexrad radar lets you animate it as much or as little as you want, and shows the various storms and their tracks — very handy for severe thunderstorms.

Finally, if you have an iPhone, use the Weather Underground site for mobile phones at I have it bookmarked on my phone, and also on my laptop — it’s a quick-loading site with current conditions, current radar (static or animated), forecast, and warnings. Save the URL after you’ve entered your ZIP, and you can get the weather fast either on your phone or on your computer.

Oh, and one more thing — click the link for “Scientific Forecaster Discussion” to read the musings of the local National Weather Service office. Now you’re getting REALLY weather-geeky!

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