Geek Report — LoseIt

I’ve been working on my health for some time, but got really serious about it earlier this year. When I had my Palm Pilot, I used an app on there to track diet and exercise — D&E for short. (I think that was what it was called: “Diet and Exercise.”)

When I went to the iPhone, I looked at a number of apps to track my eating and my exercise, but wasn’t happy with any of them. Either their food list was inadequate, or their nutrition data was missing, or they required all sorts of bells and whistles to use.

Until I found the app I’ve been using ever since: LoseIt.

LoseIt works like many of the other D&E apps. There is a place to enter your basic data and your weight loss goal (your “plan.”) It then calculates how many calories you are allowed each day in order to reach your goal weight by the deadline you set. It bases those calculations on your weight, though, so as you lose weight, your allowed calories also go down.

If you enter exercise, it calculates the calories you burned doing the exercise, and gives you that many calories extra on your daily allotment. And, it helps you by having a number of exercises set up in the tool already, including my favorite: “walking.” I put in my 30 minutes on the treadmill, then enter the time and the speed, and LoseIt figures the calories for me. So far, so good.

The three things that makes LoseIt a winner for me are:

The food lists

The web site that stays in sync with the tool, and

The ease of use

The web site starts with your latest records, as well as your weight-loss graph and some other information. It also allows you to enter data right into the web site, and it will then sync back to your phone or other device.

The food lists are what finally sold me on the tool. Not only do they have basic foods, but there are also large collections of “supermarket foods” by brand label, and an equally large collection of restaurant foods. It seems like they are adding some all the time — I’ve been surprised, frankly, at what I’m able to find by just searching.

But, if what you want isn’t in there, you can enter it yourself, if you can get the data. AND, if you often enter the same so-many items together, you can make a “recipe” that puts them all together and enters them in once swoop.

As for ease of you — entering a food is only a search away, and once you’ve entered it, it shows up in “My Foods” and is only a few taps away. I’ve entered an entire meal in under 30 seconds when it was all items I had entered before.

The home screen on the app show you your log for the day, which I’ve looked at more than once when I was tempted to pig out on something. Just look at the calories and exercise I’ve already done, and I put back that ice cream bar and re-focus on my goals.

If you are looking for an app on your phone to track your D&E, I would highly recommend LoseIt.