Helmets, Seat Belts, and Common Sense

OK, short post here, but a good reminder nevertheless.

From a Denise Harper-Angel email:

More than half of the 356 fatalities were cases where those killed were not wearing their seat belts. Twenty four percent of the fatalities involved distracted driving. And 16% of the fatalities involved an impaired (drugs or alcohol) driver. Finally, more than half of those who were killed in motorcycle crashes were not wearing helmets. Current Kentucky law does not require motorcycle riders to wear helmets.

This isn’t new science, folks. Seatbelts save lives — it’s that simple. If you wear your seatbelt all the time, there’s never a question about it. You’re always safer than if you go without.

And if you ride a bike? Guess what — pavement is harder than your head. Always. So wear your helmet — hot or no.

Let’s face it — you can’t prepare for every bad thing that can happen in your life. But you sure as hell can keep from making them worse by your own stupidity. Wear your seatbelt, wear your helmet, show common sense.

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