“Inequality Tower” – A Powerful Infographic

I love statistics. (“stat nerd” – yep) If they are well-researched and well-analyzed, they can help us see past the rhetoric and memes and outright lies that make up so much of our current political discourse. They can get us moving up the conversation meter by focusing on facts rather than opinions.

Sometimes, though, you need an infographic. A good infographic can take those stats and make them immediately understandable. A REALLY good infographic can deliver a punch as well.

The infographic “Inequality Tower” is one of the best, most powerful infographics on inequality I have ever seen. The first time I read it, I just stopped and thought about what it was saying, and how I could take action based on it. Every time I have looked at it since, I have had the same reaction.

Yes, it’s about New Zealand, and the stats apply there. The author lives there, so that’s what he addressed. However, the stats aren’t that different for the US; in fact, they are worse.

Take a look and see what you think. Then share your impressions in the comments.