It’s the Most Won-der-ful Time of the Year

Hope you heard what I intended — that great old Christmas song, sung by Andy Williams, that now serves a dual purpose by signifying it’s time for March Madness!

My sports year runs from fall (college football) to March Madness, with a little golf thrown in to tide me over during the summer. Don’t like baseball, really, so the NCAA men’s and women’s tourney is the climax to my sports year. It’s also an amazing spectacle, a source of endless debate and wonder, and a great time to live in the center of the basketball universe, Kentucky!

I’m a little different from many of my basketball friends, though — I follow men and women. This year I’ve got the UT, UK, and UofL men’s teams to follow, and the UT, UK, and NC State women’s teams to follow. (I’ve added NC State to the mix because Kelly Jolly is coaching there.) Both Tenn Tech teams, and the U of L women, are done for the year. (But … watch out for the UofL women next year; those kids are growing up, and may be a force next year and the next.)

So, as we move through the next four weeks or so, those of you who read this for politics, policy, or faith, will have to put up with some basketball talk as well. It will end when the two National Champs are crowned and we do the post-mortems. In the meantime, I’ll try to write a little about other stuff, once in a while. 🙂

It’s the Most Won-der-ful Time of the Year

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