JCPS Central Office Takes Care of Its Own — and Insults Teachers In the Process

When you outsource work, you eliminate the positions. Sometimes, if you can, you try to find other jobs that those people can fill. I get that.

But who in their right mind puts someone in a teaching position when that person has no credentials and no experience — and then pays them twice the going rate?

JCPS, that’s who.

Superintendent Hargens decided to outsource the district’s legal work. Whether that was a good idea or not, I can’t say — I’m not familiar enough with the numbers and the work to be credible on that.

What I AM credible on is this: You don’t take one of those displaced lawyers and put her into a teaching position at a high school making more than her supervisor, and TWICE what a starting teacher makes, when she has no teaching credentials at all.

It not only looks bad — it insults all the rest of your teachers that DO have credentials, and that DO have experience. It says to them that all your talk of “professionalism” doesn’t mean jack, because we can just use a teaching position as a landing spot for someone we know.

It’s insulting and absurd — and I’ve bolded the parts from the WDRB story that show just how absurd it is:

At about $84,000, Malone’s salary will be roughly that of a teacher with a doctorate and 25 years’ experience, according to the district’s salary schedule.

She will earn more than two other lawyers who teach in the same program, including her supervisor.



The two other law and government magnet teachers at Central — Joe Gutmann and Charles Koby — make $79,200 and $51,150 respectively. Gutmann, a former prosecutor, is the coordinator of the program. Koby has over 20 years experience as a lawyer and has a master’s degree in teaching.

It’s not the lawyer’s fault — she lost her job, needs one, and I’m sure is glad to have it. But what administrator in their right mind thought paying her this much money was a good idea? And wasn’t there anyone along the way that said “wow, this will sure send a negative message to our teachers”?

Look, I’m normally a friend of, and a fan of, public education. But this stinks to high heaven, and looks a lot like “we take care of our own.” Well guess what, JCPS — take care of your own in this way enough times, and you won’t have to worry about teacher salaries, because the good ones will leave.

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  1. Good article. Superintendent Hargens seems to be rather heavy handed and the board not really up to the job as the Auditor said.

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