Kabuki Dance Ends, But Tragedy Continues

Finally, the kabuki dance is over.

Unfortunately, it was just one act. The play, an ongoing tragedy with many actors and no leads, continues.

It was obvious from the beginning that the Super Committee was nothing more than political kabuki, an artifice put in place to kick the can past the elections and get everyone off the hook temporarily. Everything about it has progressed exactly as it was supposed to, with each side playing to its base and failing to achieve anything of substance.

In addition, the Repubs are responding just as many on the left predicted: now that the automatic cuts are supposed to take place, they are proposing to change the rules that they, themselves, put in place. The Dems are outraged, Obama has promised a veto, and everyone says their lines and hits their marks. Academy Awards all around.

Meanwhile, 14 million are out of work. Infrastructure is failing, as are our schools. Health care continues to erode for many, and both real stimulus and real debt management are impossible to even discuss, much less to achieve. The tragedy of failure continues.

I try to have a long view of politics, and not to get too elated over victories or depressed over defeats. Nevertheless, the failure of our current elected representatives to deal with the biggest problems at many levels is profoundly disturbing. I know enough history to know that if elected leaders fail to lead, other types of leaders will rise up to take their place. The breakdown of democracy is a breeding ground for rats of all kinds.

Winning elections is not leadership. Neither is kabuki. We’ve won elections, and we’ve watched kabuki for many months. I, for one, am tired of both. It’s time for someone to find a new script.

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Kabuki Dance Ends, But Tragedy Continues

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