Kentucky Got Petrinoed

Yes folks, it’s a new verb: “Petrinoed.” It’s what happens when you play a team coached by Bobby Petrino, and you’re not ready for it. You get Petrinoed.

What are the signs that you are being, or have been, Petrinoed?

  • An opening drive that is scripted from start to finish, moves the ball with certainty, and almost always scores.
  • A passing attack with pinpoint accuracy that makes your defenders look two steps slow, and that moves the ball consistently.
  • Play calling of a variety and complexity that leaves your defense and your coaching staff shell-shocked.
  • The feeling of being run over by an unstoppable force — and you ain’t no immovable object.

Watching WKU on Saturday was like watching UofL when Petrino was there: amazingly efficient offense, clockwork play execution, and enough defense to get the job done. The opening drive was all I needed to see; it was obvious from that point forward that Kentucky was going to lose.

Of course, the Wildcats brought their own set of issues to the table. Once again, the defense looked uncoached. I don’t think that’s the case, but as one coach noted, they regressed under pressure. I’ll say they regressed — all the way back to last year.

And the offense was hampered by their choice of starting quarterback. Perhaps he looked the best in practice. Perhaps his shortcomings weren’t obvious until game time. But boy, they sure were obvious on the field Saturday. When they put in Maxwell Smith, that so-called Air Raid progressed from sputtering biplane to at least a Cessna.

And what of Bobby P? I’m still not convinced he has changed; let’s see him stay at WKU for more than one season, and not lie every time his lips move. But as everyone admits, he’s a hell of a coach. And he said all the right things after the win on Saturday. If they go to Knoxville and knock off the rebuilding Vols, he will move right to the top of every AD’s list. Let’s see how he handles that.

I’m already looking forward to the WKU-UT game on Saturday. Let’s see if the Vols wind up Petrinoed as well.