KY Senate: Politics as Sport

A quick post to comment on the C-J story about Senate Republicans gerry-rigging the rules to ram legislation through without due process:

  1. First of all, obviously it is wrong. They have figured out a way to manipulate the rules to deny Senate Democrats any chance to make amendments, by doing the “three hearings” as a kabuki dance then voting the same day. (Read the story for the slimy details.)
  2. Second — They feel free to do crap like this because they know that the worst of the bills won’t pass the Democrat-controlled House, so they can just pass anything they want and brag about it.
  3. Third — THIS is what happens when you have politicians who see politics as a sport, a game to be played and won, rather than a public trust. This is what happens when you elect people who get their self-worth from winning rather than serving. This is what happens when testosterone takes over the running of government, and everyone (including women) wants to show who has the biggest gonads — instead of showing who can be the best leader.

I’m sure some of you are saying “but Democrats do it too.” Yes, they do. There are famous stories of LBJ and Wright and others through the years, throwing their weight around just because they could. And I’m more than happy to call them out on it whenever they do this.

But this is today, and this is my state legislature, and this is Republicans running the Senate using the “Let’s Be Assholes” manual. They need to be called out, they need to change, and they need to be leaders and not bullies. It’s bad for the Senate, and it’s bad for Kentucky.