Myself and My Sites

Most people who click an About menu are looking for some clue as to what they have stumbled onto. Here’s the basics: I’ve been blogging for a long time — over ten years, in fact. I’ve gone from one site (this one), to four sites when I split out the politics and the “serious” writing, to two sites when I brought the politics back home. So, this site is largely about politics, with some sports, technology, and other stuff thrown in when I feel like it.

First, about the politics. I have a both a passion for effective government, and some sense that these are, after all, fellow human beings doing these things, and usually trying to do their best. I want to walk the line between calling out actions or policies I see as misguided or worse, and attacking the humanity of the person. If I cross that line, dear readers, I hope you will point it out.

Note, though, that sometimes the best way to fight bad policies and bad politics is to hold them up to ridicule. Satire and snark are often a better tool than well-reasoned arguments and indisputable facts. I reserve the right to use these tools as needed, especially when it comes to policies or actions that have the potential to harm.

I am unabashedly and unashamedly progressive and liberal. I believe that government can be a force for good, and that effective government can make a huge difference in people’s lives. However, I also realize the dangers of power and money, and know that the best-intentioned programs and policies can be lost through corruption, malfeasance, greed, or plain old incompetence. I will point those out, no matter the source, because bad or corrupt government affects all of us, and harms the ability of the government to do good in the future.

Finally, I will try my best to remember what Molly Ivins told us years ago:

“So keep fightin’ for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don’t you forget to have fun doin’ it.”

About Me

I’ve been writing various things (articles, poems, parts of books) for some years. Blogging is another outlet, as well as a way to add my voice to the mix. I’ve always been interested in public policy issues, but went from an observer to an activist in the 2000 election. I’ve been involved in the Metro Democratic Club in Louisville for some years, and ran for office in 2014.

I’ve been involved in technology, as a hobbyist and as a career, most of my life. Got my amateur radio license when I was 12, along with my younger brother who was 10. (Yeah, we were electronics geeks.) I got my first personal computer in 1983, an Apple //e, and discovered I was actually good at this new-fangled computer stuff. I wound up teaching it, starting a company consulting on it, and managing a corporate training team for a Fortune 100 company. So, yeah, there’s technology.

And finally, perhaps as a counter to all this “weighty” interests, I’m into sports. Primarily college football and basketball, but some other sports as well. I’m a fan, yes — you can see the teams I cheer for on the blog page — but one of the main reasons I enjoy sports is the human angle: the tales of triumph, of character, of hard work, of team.

About Me Online

Here’s a guide to the two personal sites I run, along with their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds:


dot com

This is my original blog site, where I’ve been posting since 2004. I moved most of the politics out of this site when I went to four different sites. That was too much to manage, so I have gone back to using this site for politics, advocacy, technology, sports, and life in general.

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My site for more “serious” writing. This site holds my poems, essays, and longer articles, as well as posts on writing and the arts. In addition, I will post portions of books here as I work on them, and eventually (I hope) links to books and collections you can purchase.

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Hope you find something useful, interesting, and thought-provoking in each, and if you do, that you’ll tell your friends. Thanks!


The Disclaimer

Everything here is by me and me alone, and is not connected with my family, church, employer, or friends … so don’t blame them. <g>