Myself and my sites

Most people who click an About menu are looking for some clue as to what they have stumbled onto. Here’s the basics: I’ve been blogging for a long time – since 2004, in fact. I’ve gone from one site (this one), to four sites when I split out the politics and the “serious” writing, to two sites when I brought the politics back home, to four sites and two newsletters. (Whew!)

As noted on the home page, this site is now mainly about lessons or insights I’ve learned over the years, and sharing them with others.

A little bio: My family and I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky since 1992. I have had, basically, four careers: high school music, full-time church minister, information technology consultant, and manager in a corporation. I left the corporation to start Forward Kentucky, and am now doing writing and living into retirement.

The other sites and newsletters

  • – On this site, I write about Writing and the Arts and Faith and Church. I also post my poetry here, as well as parts of books I am working on.
  • Forward Kentucky – This is the site I started in 2015 to advance progressive policies and politics in Kentucky. It grew to a fairly strong presence, but I’ve decided to cut back the time I put into it so that I can work on other types of writing. It includes articles by a number of contributors, including my occasional post.
  • Maples on Politics – This site holds past political posts that were on this site, as well as current posts from the newsletter (below) that I think are worth posting on the site.
  • Maples on Politics – This Substack newsletter is where I am doing my political writing now. It is free to read, but you have to sign up. You can read it when it hits your inbox, or read it on the site.
  • Kentucky Politics Update – This Substack newsletter is the next generation of the “Forward Five” newsletter I did for years as part of Forward Kentucky. It is a way to keep up with what is going on in politics in Kentucky in a scannable newsletter format.

Social media channels

Twitter: @brucewriter, @morebrucewriter, @ForwardKY, @MaplesOnPolitix

Facebook: brucewriter, MoreBrucewriter, Forward Kentucky