Opposite Time in The Ville

Does anyone else feel like we’re living in a succession of Opposite Days here in The Ville, Greatest College Sports Town in America? Let’s take a look at all of them, beginning with Brian Brohm’s non-jump to the NFL.

Just a few years ago (circa John L days), if a Cardinal team had gone 12-1 and won a BCS bowl, not only would the star QB have gone pro — every person with any connection to the team at all would have tried to leverage the season into some sort of move upward. Why? Because everyone would have assumed it was a once-in-a-decade event, so you’d better get yours while the getting was good.

Football Opposite Days
The coach leaves, the star running back leaves — and yet, not only does the star QB stay, he stays amidst talk of Heismans and national championships. Next year. And people talk this way without either crossing their fingers or saying “just kidding.” The University of Louisville: legitimate national championship contender and Heisman producer. Imagine that statement, say, ten years ago.

Women’s Basketball
The Lady Cats and Lady Cards are kicking butt and taking names, and both are getting some notice. I knew when Mickey Demoss left Tennessee for UK that they would have a good-to-real good team in a few years. Didn’t know much about Tom Collen, but like all the rest of us I have almost shaman-like trust in Tom Jurich. So, I wasn’t surprised when the Lady Cards team went from good to pretty good as well.

But, would anyone have expected the following:

  • The women’s teams are ranked higher than the men’s.
  • The leading scorer in the Big East is a Lady Card. (This is the league, remember, that annually produces more NCAA bids than any other except the SEC, and is the home of UConn, among others.)
  • The women’s teams playing each other in Freedom Hall drew more than UK’s men’s team did the night before in the same Freedom Hall.

Men’s Basketball
This post is getting a little long, so let’s just cut to the chase.

  • UK’s men’s team is happy again about their ranking in the polls. What, did they finally move back into #1? No, they’re finally ranked at all. Do I think they may make some noise before the year is over? Yes, but there’s no doubt that right now there are at least four other teams in the SEC that strike more fear in their opponent than the Cats. Not only is the SEC no longer their playground, they can’t even count on the SEC East any more. (See: Florida and Tennessee, for starters.)
  • Then there is U of L. The men’s team lost their 12th straight to a ranked team. Before last night, I had hope that Pitino Ball was back. Last night looked like a bad night at Boston Garden. I don’t know what the real cause is, because I’m not on the team or in the practices. (And as just a fan, I’m not sure I’d know any more if I was there.) All I know is that when we say “U of L is a national championship contender” and we’re talking about football, or “leading scorer in the Big East” and we’re talking about women’s basketball, it’s definitely Opposite Time in The Ville.


Opposite Time in The Ville

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