Quick Note About Beshear’s Son and Pipeline

The story broke last week that Andrew Beshear, son of Governor Steve Beshear, is representing the energy company that is trying to build a pipeline across Kentucky.

I plan to include this in a longer piece on the public trust, but for now, let's point out some things and let people draw their own conclusions:

  • Andrew Beshear's company, Stites and Harbison, has represented the energy company for over ten years, long before Andrew started working there.
  • Andrew is one of about a dozen lawyers from S&H working on the project.
  • At this point, it appears that the lawyers are actually doing legal work, and not lobbying.
  • On the other hand, Governor Beshear has said that January 2014 is plenty of time for the state to look at the pipeline and its possible impact on the state. Most opponents say that is too late.
  • No one in Stites and Harbison, nor anyone named Beshear, sees this as even a possible conflict of interest.

Based purely on what's been reported, at this point this is not a hair-on-fire story. It may, though, turn out to be a where-there's-smoke story.