Site Traffic Sometimes a Puzzle

Squarespace, the hosting/CMS behind this site, has good traffic tracking tools, including tracking the source of visitors to the site. Most traffic comes from Facebook, Twitter, and certain common searches. Occasionally, though, the sources of traffic cause me to scratch my head.

Yesterday I had a traffic bump. Why? I wrote a couple of stories, but nothing mentioned anywhere else. When I look at the sources, though, I got some hits from and Who?

Jamespot is a site for marking and sharing content. I’d never heard of it, but I guess someone is using it. Did they mark something I wrote? Who knows — their search engine didn’t turn up anything.

Extrabot is some sort of site aggregator, and it looks pretty much like a site devoted to getting rich and/or getting laid. “How to have an affair while still married” is one of their more popular links, for example. Couldn’t find my site listed there — for which I am grateful.

Glad to have the traffic, I guess, but not sure who is coming from those places. If it’s you, drop me a comment or a note so I know. Otherwise, I’ll assume it was some sort of random thing. And, of course, I’ll continue to promote via FB and Twitter. Maybe some day the site will be so popular I can retire. (Not!)

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2 Responses to Site Traffic Sometimes a Puzzle

  1. This is likely what is referred to as "referrer spam", whereas these places are essentially advertising to you, the site admin, because they know that you, the site admin, might investigate and find out about their services. Also, as a plus for them, you just advertised them in this post.

    This is one of the hard lessons a site admin has to learn when running a site. If it doesn't seem like a bona fide visitor, it most likely isn't one.

  2. Bruce says:

    Ah — thanks for the info, Steve. No doubt, you've nailed it on the head. I'd never seen it before, but that's okay — I was excited for a day or two there. 🙂

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