So, You Think You’re a Kentucky Basketball Fan?

You can quote every one of Wall’s statistics, and you’ve got Demarcus Cousins’ cell phone number. You’ve got Kentucky jackets and shirts and t-shirts and underwear. You not only can name the years when Kentucky won the national championship, you can name the starting five for each of those teams.

You’re a walkin’ talkin’ Blueblood Fan of the Blue for Life, right? So tell me this — what do you know about that OTHER Kentucky team? The one that plays Tennessee on Thursday, not Saturday? The team that is having its best season in years?

That’s right, you misbegotten misogynist — what do you know about the LADY Wildcats?

I get really worn out with Kentucky fans who tell me how died-in-the-wool Blue they are, until you say “I bet you’re excited about the Lady Wildcats, right?” And then they sort of mumble and hang their head and say something about “don’t really follow the women.” I always want to say something like “unless they’re dancers, right?” but that would just be rubbing it in.

So, as a long-time follower of women’s college basketball — courtesy of growing up following the Lady Vols — let this fellow Kentuckian give you some ed-you-kay-shun about YOUR Kentucky Lady Wildcats.

Their record stands at 23 and 4. They had a silly loss to Middle Tennessee back in December, followed a week later by a loss to #8 Georgia. They beat #16 Vandy at home and #19 LSU on the road, but lost a close one to South Carolina. Last week, they coughed one up at Vandy (sound familiar?), but they still stand at second in the SEC today at 11-3. And speaking of today, they beat South Carolina pretty easily.

They are currently ranked #16 in the country, and Charlie Creme (ESPN Bracketology) has them as a 4 seed in the Kansas City bracket. He also says that “Victoria Dunlap still has a shot at SEC Player of the Year.”

And yes, they play the Lady Vols this Thursday in Knoxville.

The Lady Wildcats are having a great year, and if you call yourself a Kentucky fan you owe it to yourself and to them to follow them, support them, and even watch a game or three. The SEC tourney is coming up in a week or so (a week ahead of the men), and then there’s the Big Dance. Kentucky has a shot at playing deep into the second weekend, and even though it’s a terribly long shot, I’m pulling for them to make at least the Elite Eight. If you call yourself a True Blue Kentucky fan, you’ll be cheering them on, just like me.

Because REAL fans cheer for ALL the teams — not just the ones with Y chromosomes.

So, You Think You’re a Kentucky Basketball Fan?

by Bruce time to read: 2 min