Sunday Morning in Chicago

On my way north – driving to Green Bay for the week – stopover in one of my fav cities, Chicago. Up early, drove downtown, parked at Millenium Park, then took off walking the Magnificent Mile. Here’s some pix from my phone:

You come out of the underground parking garage, and right off the bat you get to see interesting architecture like this:


Stopped to get coffee at Caribou Coffee, and in the men’s room — a picture of outhouses on the wall. Nice touch.

One thing you can surely say about Chicago: “We’ve got your skyscraper right here!”

Not many cities have a river running right through downtown — with drawbridges, yet!

Or grand old hotels that are still grand. (Check out the doorman!)

And of course, right at the end of the Magnificent Mile, you get architecture like THIS (the Water Tower):

Right across from architecture like THIS (the Hancock tower — note the Xs):

Walking back up, I stopped at the Chicago Tribune building, one of my favorite buildings both because of the architecture, AND because of the paper it represents. There on the wall is a great quote:

Finally, a serendipitous moment — about to cross back over the Chicago River, return to my car, and continue my journey, when I come upon THIS crazy piece of public art. Don’t know the artist, or why it was just standing in front of a construction site — but HAD to take the picture!

So, there you have it — a photo diary of my Sunday morning in Chicago. Hope you enjoyed viewing the pix as much as I enjoyed my morning stroll! And here’s to you Chicago — one of my favorite cities in the world.

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  1. Patty says:

    Bruce – thanks for the tour of Chicago! I loved all the photos! Great job!


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