Fuzzy Journalism at WFPL re Conway

So I’m scanning Facebook today and came across the same post many of you saw:

Both Major Candidates For Governor Want To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

It was from Ryland Barton at WFPL, and was a link to his story of the same name.

At first, I was upset. What was Jack Conway doing putting out a position like this? Then I actually read the story. And I realized that what was wrong here was not Jack’s position on the issue, but WFPL’s headline. It was at best misleading, and at worst? Designed to be clickbait.

Let’s take a look.

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Wrong Approach on Heroin

So, the new legislative session starts, and everyone wants to do something about the heroin problem. Citizens are calling for action, treatment professionals are calling for action, local elected leaders are calling for action. So the General Assembly acts.

And promptly takes the exact wrong action.

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