Miracle: I Agree With Jeff Hoover on Debates

I rarely agree with Jeff Hoover on anything. He’s a conservative Republican and I’m a progressive Democrat, so the odds of us supporting the same programs and policies are usually somewhere between Slim and None.

Those odds got a little shorter over the weekend, though, when I found myself reading his editorial in the C-J and nodding my head Yes. Here’s what we agreed about:

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Eminent Domain — Public Use, not Private Profit

As you may have heard, there is a fight coming to the Bluegrass, and in fact it is already here. It involves the so-called Bluegrass Pipeline, and whether or not we the people and we the state government should allow it to be built. (And it is so-called because all it does is cross the state; if the Griswolds drive through Kentucky on their way to Wally World, are they then the Bluegrass Grisworlds?)

There is much to say about this proposed pipeline, and in coming weeks and months I’ll have much to say about it. For now, though, let’s focus on one important part of the argument: eminent domain.

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