Conway’s “Seeds” — A Good Ad … Except

Jack Conway’s campaign released two ads this week, both of which will start airing across the state, and both of which are viewable on the web site here.

I watched the “Seeds” ad, and overall it’s a good ad. Starts with his family’s seed business, and ends with his agency’s record of returning $3 to the state for every $1 spent. A solid, calm, competent ad. Except …

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TPP: We Need Some Trust-but-Verify

“Trust me — it’s going to be a good thing for everyone. It’s one of the strongest trade agreements ever.

Just trust me.”

President Obama’s message on the Trans-Pacific Pact, the secret trade agreement affecting 40% of the world’s commerce, is beginning to ring pretty hollow. As pointed out by Senator Warren in her staff report “Broken Promises,” the same statements have been made about every so-called “free trade” agreement for the past 20 years.

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Find Your Granny Gear, Mr. President

Let's play You Are the President.

There are reports that Syria has used chemical weapons — sarin gas, to be specific — against its own citizens. Rebels claim they were attacked by a Scud missile that released the gas. Reports indicate between 15 and 40 deaths, and there seem to be third-party confirmations. The Syrian government says that it was the rebels who carried out the attack, not the government. But, it is also public knowledge that the Syrian government restarted its chemical weapons program some time ago, and it seems logical that the government fired on the rebels and not the other way around.

Iran condemns the attack. Russia seems to stand with the Syrian government. All of Syria's neighbors, including Israel, are nervous that this attack means Syria has both the means and the will to use chemical weapons against other countries.

And yet, there are questions. Why such low numbers? Typically, if you release gas in a battlefield situation, you want to kill or injure many more than a few dozen. Could this have been an accident? Could someone have fired a missile they thought was conventionally armed, only to see it release gas? And, even if this was intentional, does it indicate that Syria doesn't have a well-formed delivery capability, and isn't really a threat if it has to rely on Scud missiles to deliver the gas?

So, if You Are the President, what do you do?

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