Rest of World Plays Follow-the-Leader On Torture

We knew it would happen, and it has: the rest of the world is following our lead on treatment of detainees and torture. AP story this morning: Detainee Treatment Emulated Manfred Nowak, the UN “special rappporteur” on torture, said that “when he criticizes governments for their questionable treatment of detainees, they respond by telling him … Read moreRest of World Plays Follow-the-Leader On Torture

Ethics versus Morals

As we prepare for the inauguration and reflect on recent and current events, we may find benefit in the comparison of ethics versus morals. Morals, according to the dictionary, is “concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action.” And when it comes to judgment, the current crop of Bushites certainly excel, … Read moreEthics versus Morals