Thoughts on the Vols Season

Here’s a comment I just posted on GoVolsXtra (you can see it here):

A GREAT season, considering everything that went into it. Up-down-up-down, concluding with a great UP on Friday when we made the Elite Eight (agree with the above poster: words I never thought I’d write) and a great DOWN on Sunday when we came one or two plays short of a Final Four. (Even more words I never thought I’d write.)

Bruce Pearl has proven that he is more than P.T. Barnum in an orange jacket — he is a motivator, a leader, and a solid coach. He got this team ready, used the parts he had, and almost beat THE MOST SUCCESSFUL NCAA COACH of the past decade.

Think about this — Tennessee came closer to the Final Four than Kentucky. Just think about this year, and those two teams, and then think about that statement. That’s all that needs to be said about this UT team, the staff, and CBP.

I’m excited about next year already. CPS is going to have EVERYONE back, plus some solid additional players. And even though we are going to miss all the seniors, the returnees and newbies on the men’s side look pretty good too.

Just as Christ Lofton and Dane Bradshaw said they were building a foundation, this team added to that foundation. Bruce Pearl is building a PROGRAM, and that’s much harder than just building a single team. I’m glad he is our coach, and I’m glad to have had this year with this team. And I’m glad to be a Vol!

Bruce in Louisville

Thoughts on the Vols Season

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