Thoughts While Aching

I’m dealing with the beginning of the flu, it appears — headache, body aches, fever. No sore throat, no drainage, no stomach (yet), so probably not H1N1. But, still no fun.

Here are a few random thoughts while I take a break from doing work for the office:

  • Blog traffic picks up when you post every day. It also picks up when you advertise on Facebook and Twitter. (Follow me on either and get notified when a new post goes up — shameless plug.)
  • If you advertise on FB, though, people read it here and leave their comments there. Good to have the conversation, but makes this site look somewhat sparse.
  • I often wonder if I would be better off having four or five different blogs, each devoted to a single topic. In the past few days I’ve written about the ACORN bill, the iPhone coma problem, the so-called conservative Bible, and posted some new quotes. Surely this is confusing to some readers. Or, maybe they enjoy the Rennaissance man that I am. 🙂
  • I have had two people, I think, sign up for email updates. Apparently I haven’t reached the level of deathless prose where people can’t wait to read more.
  • I love Squarespace, the service on which the site is built. It is easy to use, has almost everything I need, and looks good. If they had an ecommerce facility, it would be almost perfect. And don’t let my plain-Jane approach fool you; there are some SS sites that are killer. Visit their home page to see examples.
  • Has the entire Republican party lost its ever-lovin’ mind? Surely someone in the GOP has the balls to step up and call out the crazy people like Beck and Limbaugh and the rest. And let’s not even get started on the crazy so-called Christians. Sorry, but when you call for people to join you in praying that the President will die of a horrible disease, you forfeit the right to either be taken seriously or to be called a man of faith. And yet, very few leaders in either the GOP or the Christian church have called these people out.
  • Meanwhile, one of the things that keeps me sane is attending Highland Baptist to worship and to wrestle with the Word (in every meaning of that). It’s good to see a church that actually tries to do all three things in its tagline: “a thinking, feeling, healing community of faith.” I know there are other churches that do try to do all three, but this particular family is special to me.

Okay, back to the work. At least I have some good music to listen to in iTunes.

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