Two Updates: Schedule and Possible Platform Change

I’m currently on a two-day writing vacation, doing some organizing and outlining and such. Two quick notes about this site:

(1) I have created an overall blogging schedule, and this site will get two regular features:

  • Monday Morning Quarterback, posted on (what else?) Mondays
  • Weekend Techie, posted on Saturdays

There will be other blog posts as well, of course, but I aim to do those on a regular basis.

(2) I’m thinking about moving this site to a WordPress platform, from its current Squarespace platform. I’m not unhappy with Squarespace — far from it. I think it’s a great platform. It’s just that I’ve got a number of other sites on WordPress, and I’m thinking that it might be easier to keep everything on one platform. But, there’s no rush, so at this point I’m just pondering.

Any and all comments welcome, on both items.