Weather Underground Bought by Weather Channel — Boo!

There are times when you like to see a good company bought by a bigger one … and there are times when you dread what’s coming. This, my friends, is the latter situation, at least for me.

For some time, I’ve been a big fan and user of the Weather Underground. I liked their maps, their web site, and especially their mobile site. In fact, I bookmarked the MOBILE site on my work and home PCs, because it loaded fast and gave me all the info I needed in just a few seconds.

But now, as report in Daily Kos: Weather geeks: Wunderground bought by TWC [update], Wund has been bought by the Weather Channel. I stopped using the Weather Channel some years ago, as their site was almost unuseable due to the popups, ads, flyouts, Flash inserts, and general mush and slush. And, you had to dig and dig and dig to find what you were looking for.

Of course, everyone at TWC is saying that “things won’t change” and “we’ll keep the brands separate” and “it just means more resources for Wund.” Bullshit. Either this is a hostile buyout, to put a competitor out of business, or it’s a friendly buyout to bring “our superior corporate leadership to the startup, while integrating their entrepenurial spirit into our site.” Either way, I give it a year, tops, before Wund either disappears or becomes overrun with marketing “goodness.”

Bleah. For once, I wish the big kid on the block didn’t just HAVE to own all the toys.

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