Whistling in the Dark about UK

I think most Louisville fans are whistling in the dark about UK basketball next year.
You keep hear them talking about “they’re too young” and “they don’t have leadership” and “too many egos.” And I think it’s wishful thinking.

If that talent gels, they will be a tough out, and we know it. And remember, they only need to gel by March. They could lose every game through December, half the ones in January and February, and still make a run through the SECtourney, reach the Dance, and take it all. And if they start to figure it out before then, that only increases their odds.

On the other hand, if the parts don’t mesh, if they start bickering, if the pressure gets too them, and if Hubris is met by Nemesis, then they could also put at least the first few nails in the coffin of One and Done. Which, frankly, I hope they do. I am not nearly as down on Kentucky (the school and athletic department) as some on this board, but I am absolutely against the 1&D rule. If Kentucky imploding again could cause that rule to go away, then here’s hoping they go 0-30.


1 thought on “Whistling in the Dark about UK”

  1. And yet…they're a young team. Yes, there's raw talent, but none of them have faced the pressures, not just of the competition at this top level of play, but of the insanity that is the promotion outside of and around the game come tournament time. Louisville has.

    If things play out the way we all hope, it will truly be a matchup of raw talent versus experience and team development. Either way, Kentucky wins.

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