A Single Blog?

I’m debating with myself about changing the format of the site, and moving to a single blog. Keep the writing pages (but make them easier to use, perhaps), but only have one blog and just use tags and such. More confusing for readers, perhaps, but a single place to scan each day.

Anyway, this is a test entry to see what I think about that.

[…later…] Well, I’ve decided: single blog. Moved almost all the entries from the other blogs into this one. (Threw a few away.) Most of them probably aren’t tagged and categorized, so at some point I ought to go back and do that. For now, though, I think this is a better deal.

Also moved the poems and essays (only one at this point) up to the top, where they will also get more play. I’d like to figure out a way to let people comment on the writings; but if they’re not blogs, then they don’t have comments. Have to look at that.

So … ready to get back at it. ‘Bout damn time, wouldn’t you say?

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