Acreage Available in Downtown Louisville!

One of my favorite blogs is Broken Sidewalk. It’s a calm-yet-provocative look at The Ville, development, and what’s happening around town. (Or NOT happening, as the case may be.)

The latest post reveals some amazing news: there is a large tract of undeveloped acreage right in downtown Louisville! What’s more, it’s only a few blocks from 21-C, Slugger Museum, and Glassworks!

Here’s the deal — it’s the abandoned land in Shippingport, between the flood wall and I-64. Not usable, you say? Take a look at the pic, and then look at it on Google Maps yourself, and tell me you’re not intrigued!

Of course, if the powerful in this city hadn’t completely blown off 8664, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion … because this area would be part of the new Waterfront Park West and adjacent to the new Riverfront Parkway. But, since the powerful succeeded in shooting that down, the question becomes “how can we best use this large tract of land?”

Yes, it’s in the flood plan. And yes, it’s tough to get to, at least right now. But both of those are problems that can be overcome, with imagination and good planning. The question is, what could go there?

It’s sort of in no-man’s land. Residential would be iffy there, as would office space, I think. But one commenter over at Broken Sidewalk mentioned a school or college. THAT’s an interesting idea.

I’m going to drive over there this week and look around. If you’re not THAT adventurous, then go read the article on Broken Sidewalk and scan the pix there, and I bet you’ll be intrigued as well.

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  1. E says:

    As if the banks will loan any money out.
    The credit pipeline is getting constricted.

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