Panera Needs To Recycle Their Policy

Do you ever wonder what country, and what century, certain corporations are living in?

I eat at Panera fairly frequently. (Less now that I’m trying to cut back on bread. Duh.) I like their food, I like the classical music in the background, I like the atmosphere, and I like the free wifi.

Last week, I discovered what I didn’t like.

I noticed that there was no place to recycle. Granted, Panera uses real plates and mugs for eat-in, so those get washed. But there are still the plastic forks and spoons, the styrofoam cups, the plastic stir sticks and straws. So, I simply asked where the recycling bin was.

You would have thought I had asked where the free food was. Or where I could begin a stack of leftover food for some sort of indoor free-form compost heap.

“We don’t recycle,” the Panera lady said. When I asked her why, she said, “It’s a corporate decision. We’re not allowed to.” I said, Really? You can’t just get a recycling bin and put it out? She shook her head and said, “No, we’ve been told not to do it.”

So, I told her about the Plastic Ocean, and mentioned I would be contacting corporate to tell them that their head was up their ___ and they needed to come into the 21st century — or at least the end of the 20th.

If you want to join me in urging Panera Bread to change their recycling policy, here’s the link:

Panera Bread – Contact Us

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