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Random Observations for Wednesday, July 22, 2009

  • Why do counter people think being cold or grumpy toward the customers is a good idea?
  • Why doesn’t iTunes have a “play this playlist” command?
  • Why do people scream about disrespecting the American flag, then leave it out in the rain and snow?
  • Why can’t I start again at 18 with what I know now about myself and others?
  • Considering some of the things I read on Facebook — is there such a thing as TMI any more?
  • Why do Facebook polls need access to all my Facebook data? Can’t I just vote and see the results?
  • If I took all the words and time I use to update various social media sites, and put them together, would I have a book?
  • Why do cities think good street signage is a luxury? Do they dislike visitors?
  • Why would an upscale restaurant have bad pop music playing in the background?
  • Why are well-off people such lousy tippers, and young people with no money such good tippers?
  • Are we becoming incapable of reading anything longer than 140 characters?

Enough for now. Post your own and I’ll include them in a future Random Observations.

One reply on “Random Observations for Wednesday, July 22, 2009”

Wow — reading those, I sound like a grumpy old man! May want to change some of these to be more happy-face. :–)